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Want to know more about the How?

Présentation de travail

Want to know more about the How?

Watch this short video for more information!

Visit these websites to learn more about the methods I use:-

I can also recommend the following books:-

  • From Contempt to Curiosity - Caitlin Walker.  Caitlin has developed Clean Language for teams, businesses and schools, enabling the facilitator to work at a surface level and implement ethical changes in an organisation.  In particular, the section on Clean Start will interest any business or team leader and the use of Clean Feedback has been welcomed in many environments

  • The Power of 6 - Philip Harland.  Philip worked extensively with David Grove, creator and founder of Clean Language and this is the book that explains the theory behind the practice.

  • Clean Language: Revealing Metaphors and Opening Minds - Judy Rees and Wendy Sullivan.  Want to have a go yourself?  Buy this book and get started!

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