Jeudi 20 janvier
Groupe de Pratique
10h à 11h30


Explorer les Archetypes

5, 12, 19 fevrier

17 à 18h30 CET

Ateliers Clean Canada (1)_edited.jpg

La Modelisation Systemique: Intro
28 & 29 Janvier de 10h a 17h

Fall Foliage


1 session 60 minutes

Utiliser le clean en equipe - 

l’intelligence collective à l’œuvre

7/8/14 & 15 fevrier de  14h a 18h CET


Join myself and Jennifer de Gandt as we offer this unique blend of personal development based on the work of Dan Siegel with basic Clean Language training in English. 


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Setting up for 2022: what's worked well in 2021, what would you like to do differently?

17th January 10-13h CET


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Parenting 18+ - your experience

18th January 10-13h CET

Winter Coach camp: Visibility & Time Mgt
Friday 4th Feb & 4th March
13-16h GMT

Public Speaker

Sarah Scarratt

Clean Language Coach and Interviewer

Certified Master NLP Practioner, and Trainer 

ILM Level 5 certificate in Coaching & Mentoring

Certified Facilitator and Trainer in Systemic Modelling


Geographically based in the Loire valley, France and creating a global network of Clean Language and Systemic Modelling Facilitators