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Dive deeper: Trust

Monday 10th May

1-4pm BST / 14-17h CEST

Study Group

Groupe de pratique Clean Language

vendredi 21 mai

10h a 11h30

Fall Foliage


1 session 60 minutes


Dive deeper: Imposter Syndrome

Monday 14th June

1-4pm BST/14-17h CEST

Re-apprivoiser les questions Clean

Samedi 15 mai

15 à 18h CEST


Clean en groupe

18-21 octobre

14h30 a 18h30 CET

"The  Dive Deeper sessions are a great way to explore topics in depth whilst offering an opportunity to practise Clean Language techniques with a variety of people from wide ranging backgrounds.

I have found these sessions incredibly useful for keeping my Clean Language practice up, whilst experiencing how others apply Clean. We have covered some really interesting themes and the sessions are run brilliantly by Sarah and Rachel who are highly experienced in this field and really hold the group, inviting us all to get curious, learn more and dive in! " - Hayley

An Introduction to Dan Siegel's

8 Domains of Integration

Saturday 5th June

10-13h CEST


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Sarah Scarratt

Clean Language Coach & Trainer

Certified Facilitator in Systemic Modelling

Certified Master Practioner and Trainer in NLP

Geographically based in the Loire valley, France and creating a global network of Clean Language and Systemic Modelling Facilitators