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Silly misunderstandings. Unneccessary conflict. Blockages in your creative flow. Feeling like you're going round and round in circles...

Sounds like you or your business? How much time and energy are you wasting trying to sort out differences so you can get on with your 'real job'?

Wouldn't it be great if there were some tips and practical ways of

  • accepting our differences and finding ways to work with them?

  • recognising negative reactions in ourselves and others .. and knowing how to what to do about it?

  • separating out what really happened from everything we associated with it, our inferences and judgements?

And all this in a respectful yet playful way.  Click here to find out more!

Clean Language Facilitator & Trainer

Certified Facilitator in Systemic Modelling

Certified Master Practioner and Trainer in NLP

Geographically based in the Loire valley, France and creating a global network of Clean Language and Systemic Modelling Facilitators

Changing Pathways

A subsidary of SARL Le Moulin Fort; SIRET: 442 060 273 00012

Est. 2002 au capital de 8,000 euros

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