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Utiliser le clean en equipe - 

l’intelligence collective à l’œuvre

18-21 octobre 14h30 a 18h30 CET


Autumn Coach camp 13-16h UK time
Friday 22nd Oct & 19th Nov

Fall Foliage


1 session 60 minutes


Using Clean Language and the work of Dan Siegel


for a personal development journey


with Jennifer de Gandt and Sarah Scarratt

3 sessions 10-13h online

20th Nov, 27th Nov & 4th Dec 


Autumn Coach camp: Money
Friday 22nd Oct 13-16h BST

Decouvrir le Clean Space

Prochain seance en janvier

Autumn Coach camp: Stepping up
Friday 19th Nov 13-16h GMT


Visit www.divedeeper.org to find out about our past sessions - more topics and dates coming soon!

Sarah Scarratt

Clean Language Coach 

Certified Master Practioner, and Trainer in NLP

Certified Facilitator and Trainer in Systemic Modelling


Geographically based in the Loire valley, France and creating a global network of Clean Language and Systemic Modelling Facilitators