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Collègues dépassant les plans

Previous clients include


  • Job change

  • Stress at work

  • Team leaders who want to improve communication and ambiance within their department

  • Goal setting for start-ups

  • Life Coaching for individuals within the company

  • Seminars & Workshops (giving effective feedback; making meetings count; dealing with conflict and drama at work)

  • Team-building & Training


  • With a fear or phobia

  • Wanting to stop smoking

  • Suffering from a mid-life crisis

  • Facing illness in self or loved one

  • Needing help with weight loss or body image


  • Teenagers who need career or studying advice

  • Couples who want to re-focus on their relationship before drifting apart

  • Parents who want to improve their relationship with their children (from toddler to adult)

At work, we often think its about resolving "Task based conflict" but it usually turns out to be a question of creating a psychologically safe environment where teams can come together and have robust conversations without a Facilitator.  And for individuals, it's often about sorting out conflict or wrinkles in our relationships (with self and others!) so that we can get on with tasks without the drama of emotionally-laden fights.​

You might want to come and talk about an issue that's bothering you.  It doesn't need to be a big deal:  "I'd like to do X but something's holding me back" or "Why do I react like this in certain situations?" By allowing yourself to take the time to focus on the details, you begin to understand your own behaviour and notice pattens in the way you relate to others.This enables you to subtly change the way you react and respond, or sometimes, to just sort things out in your head.

Recent studies have revealed a fascinating link between the right and left hemispheres of the brain, especially when it comes to illness, allergies, symptoms and healing.  I offer no quick fix; rather the opportunity to explore your condition in a safe environment where there's no objective other than to be able to express yourself and be heard.  If you've had enough of commercial medecines, antibiotics and a feeling that you're treating the symptoms without examining the cause, book a session with me!

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