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Moving with the times...

I remember when I first created a Facebook page for the campsite, encouraged by our campers who wanted to keep in touch and know what else we got up to during the year. It didn't last for long - it was difficult to keep our professional and personal lives apart and being open to constant comment felt intrusive... We took a FB break ... and I resisted installing Skype for a LONG time. It was only after attending a couple of training courses in the UK and realising that FB and Skype would enable to me to maintain contact with my new colleagues that I gave in and had another go. Fast forward 10 years and I feel like I'm a Zoom queen. 20 calls and over 36hrs of online training this week ... I can't imagine how different lockdown would have been without these tools?!

Inspired by Judy Rees' Metaphorum in November, the French Clean Language Association organised its own online Salon de Printemps in April; I was pleased to be able to co-ordinate and guide the event which brought together over 120 enthusiasts from the 5 corners of France, Belgium, Switzerland and Canada. And buoyed by that experience, I organised my own online training An Introduction to Systemic Modelling in French, with 15 participants over three days. It's been a delight to join the Clean Community coming together to support ourselves and others through the Covid-19 pandemic and I'm very much looking forward to this week's Adventures in Clean where I'll be providing technical support to 6 of the most experienced Clean Language facilitators. For all the disadvantages and well-documented downsides of working online, I can't help but celebrate this wonderful technology that is helping to create a global network, bringing us together to make a positive difference in our world.

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