• sarah scarratt

A change that sticks

So ... you've decided to lose some weight, get into that pair of jeans, and smile next time you step on the scales. Here's some more things you might like to be thinking about on the way to achieving your goal. Getting started: can you do it right now? Some time this week? Or do you need to wait until a significant moment to launch your Get Fit campaign? What's going to be the thing that triggers action? What can you do to make it easier - do you need to stop buying chocolate and sweet snacks or start doing the ironing in front of the TV instead of chomping a bar of your favourite treat? Can you join your new 'habit' up with another activity that's already scheduled, like walking the long way back home after dropping off the children or calling in at the gym on the way home from work instead of going home and then having to go out again afterwards? How are you going to handle the wedding next weekend: can you make an exception and not get knocked off the wagon? Are you the sort of person who can eat just one square of chocolate or do you devour the packet once it's opened? Will totally abstenance feel like a punishment or does that work best for you? How can you reward yourself: will you have a weekly check-in; do you need to involve someone else to be accountable to; how will you monitor your progress and what will you do to lift your morale on 'wobbly weeks'? And most importably, check in with yourself that this change that you want to make fits in with the rest of your values. If you want to go running every Sunday morning AND you want to have some down time with your partner and children, something's going to lose out and you won't be able to do one without feeling bad about the other. What needs to happen so you can achieve your goal in a way that fits in with everything else? It's a lot to think about but when you consider all those unfulfilled resolutions and goals, it's worth spending a bit of time reflecting on what's really important and mentally rehearse you how are going to make it happen!

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