• sarah scarratt

"Don't compare your messy insides ...

...with anyone else's glorious outsides." It's not a very eloquent quote - attributed to Rob Lowe from his autobiography "Love Life" - but it's a good reminder to get every now and again. I'm just back from another module in Systemic Modelling training where you get to be a participant, a Facilitator and Observer all at the same time. Quite honestly, it messes with my head. With me on the course are some people I've met before and some I'm meeting for the first time. And though we're all keen to present our best selves to the group, we quickly realise how much "stuff" we're all dealing with: unhelpful patterns we recognise from the past, that critical Inner Voice that won't go away, a childhood thing that whips up and catches you by surprise ... During my trip, I stayed with three different friends and while we're catching up on old times, I'm reminded again how we all live such different lives, and yet how we all have this 'face' we put on to show the world, and the whirlpool of emotions and situations hiding behind it. This year, our family motto is "What matters most?" You'll find lots of inspirational quotes on line but try this one for February: "What matters most is not how others see you, but how you see yourself." And give yourself some love.

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