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Great news for coaches

One of our most fragile human functions is the ability to predict how much energy our body needs. We can call this 'body budgeting'. In times of stress, our ability to accurately budget our body's needs is impacted. This 'mis-budgeting' has been linked to inflammation in the brain, which in turn has been linked to many conditions and diseases such as diabetes, obesity, depression, dementia and even cancer. To combat this, it's important to look after the basics: getting enough sleep, eating well, exercising and resting your brain by meditating, spending time in nature, focussing on the present. Being aware of your own body reponses and learning to predict and adjust to yourself, and to others, is also becoming recognised as fundamentally important. In her blog, Judy Rees adds "it seems to me that the process of learning to use Clean Language has added benefits for the coach or facilitator. An important part of mastering a Clean approach lies in increasing your clarity about what’s happening for you, at the same time as helping your client to become aware of what’s happening for them.

As you develop the skill to direct a client’s attention to what’s happening in their body and how they are making sense of it, listening with curiosity, you’re obliged to abandon many stereotyped “predictions” and respond more precisely to what you actually see, hear and feel.

That means you’re noticing more, and so providing more granular data to your brain. And that means you’re probably improving your own body-budgeting ability"

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