• sarah scarratt

Eating my words

As my friends know I firmly believe in alternative therapy. However I have always been a bit sceptical... ok very sceptical about mind things. Believing that I was too strong willed for them. Well I now have to eat my words. Everyone knows my totally overwhelming fear of snakes. I would not walk into grass in case any were there and eliminate places to go to where I might see one, even behind glass!! But I decided to give Sarah Scarratt a go whilst here at Le Moulin Fort. I don't know what I expected, would she turn up wearing a kaftan and wafting incense? What I didn't expect but got was a calming chat which addressed my fears and gave me an easy self healing technique. Now I am not saying I will shake the hand of a snake( if they had one) but I have walked into long grass and searched for a tennis ball and walked through an area where Chris saw a snake a few days ago. A huge achievement for me!!! This then prompted me to have another session addressing the other BIG thing in my life which is weight. As most people know I have fought weight gain with some losses over many years. Again the session was calming and very revealing about my relationship with food. Now I don't expect to become a Kate Moss lookalike but I feel more in control of things now and whilst I will be returning to Slimming World after the holidays, hopefully this new understanding will help the weight loss become a permanent thing. So... you don't have to visit Le Moulin fort to take advantage of Sarah's services they can be done remotely so if you have any fears or need help with grief or like me the weight thing, have a look at Sarah's website. I will post the address later or find her on FB Sarah Scarratt. I am a total convert!!! And please share this, you might not need her but someone you know might.

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