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Musing on the mower

Yep. It's that time again. Two hours on the mower to ponder and reflect about some of Life's Big questions. I recently watched the BBC's programme Mind Over Marathon on Catch up, and followed the stories of 10 people, all suffering some degree of mental health issue, and how they motivated each other, with the help of a coach, to run the London Marathon. With phrases as simple as "I'm proud of you", "I'm here for you" .. and it seemed so obvious that we all have a desire to connect with others, a deep reservoir of humanity that we long to tap into, but we sometimes just don't know how to help. Then came the suicide bomb in Manchester and a whole range of emotions. A visceral reaction: what if my girls were there? Oh my goodness, they've booked to go to the Harry Styles concert together. What if something happens to them? How do people ever get through something like that. Quick, live for the moment before something bad happens... And then came the stories of the taxi drivers working through the night for free, transporting concert goers to wherever they need to be. The residents of Manchester opening up their homes, offering a bed for the night. Restaurants sending food to police officers and nurses on duty... Bereaved parents talking of solidarity and love. At the tribute concert, Katy Perry asking the audience, already facing their fears and standing proud, to turn to the person next to them, and say "I love you". And they all did it. Coming together as ONE. Strong and defiant against hatred and violence. I'm filled the this great affection for mankind...

Mental Health Pledge

And then I'm taking Melanie to gym and some idiot cuts me up and I notice he's on the phone and smoking ... and my love for mankind dissipates instantly ... time to get back on the mower and meditate some more!

But seriously, if you're in need of help, why not talk to someone, a neighbour, family, maybe even a complete stranger. You may be pleasantly surprised by the support you receive!

#Humanitylove #mentalhealth

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