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Better out than in!

Burping a baby

I’ve just finished re-reading Clean Approaches for Coaches by Marion Way in which she talks about binds and double binds. Where you have a problem and no matter which way you look at it, you keep going round and round in circles. The Clean Approach is to dis-engage the logical, problem-solving side of your brain which is currently stuck and shift into a more creative state, using metaphors, drawings, the space around us and other techniques to consider solutions to an abstract problem, before sliding back into the real world of the actual problem. Marion comments that it can be a painful process to explore your patterns of binds and often, the client will adopt various ways of distracting (themselves) from the problem, needing the toilet, checking their phone, or talking about something else entirely. And it’s the coach’s job to ensure the client keeps their attention on the process until either a solution is found, or it becomes clear there can be no solution and the client must accept the problem, and decide what to do next. It occurs to me that it’s a funny old role for the coach: helping people face up to c*#p they’ve been hiding from for a while, making them cry, or cross, or frustrated and then making them pay for the privilege! I was looking for a deep and meaningful inspirational quote to finish this with and from nowhere came the memory of my dear Grandad who’d always say “Better out than in” when a little wind inadvertently snuck out at the end of a meal. And I realised that my chosen career is effectively to help people belch, metaphorically speaking of course! I’m not sure if it’s much of a marketing tool but it helps to keep things in perspective, and it’s made me smile. Have a good day, all you coaches out there!


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