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Surround sound or a tinny trannie?

I went for a blood test last week. Had to go before breakfast and I was very aware of how much I missed my cup of tea! And how much I appreciated it the next morning when I could go about my morning routine as usual! It got me thinking about the NLP technique of “reframing”. Quite simply, it’s about choosing to view events through different frames. A small frame allows you to focus on the details of one specific aspect of the big picture. And consider how the big picture changes if you use a big thick wooden frame, or a shiny gold one, or a funky frameless frame ... There’s a story about a guy who was queueing one morning to buy his patisseries. Suddenly, a lady in a wheel chair came careering towards the queue, he stepped back but she carried on through, rolling over his foot in the process. The queue was long and he didn’t really want to ‘lose his place’ but the more he stood waiting, the more annoyed he became. His toe hurt, the woman hadn’t even apologised and people all around him must be thinking he was really wet for not having it out with her. When he finally bought his croissants, he headed over to the corner of the café where the lady had installed herself at a table. As he approached, he heard her saying to a neighbour that she had MS. That this was the first time she’d been out in a wheelchair. That she had struggled walking for some time and had finally accepted the necessity of the wheelchair but that she felt terribly self-conscious and cumbersome and that this was really a big deal for her. In an instant, the man’s anger evaporated. He reached over, shook the lady by the hand and congratulated her. Nothing had actually changed. His toe was throbbing. What was different was how he choose to view or frame the situation. Recently, Frans-Jan has launched the challenge of not grumbling for 24hrs … I’m guessing that a little ‘reframing’ would work wonders in transforming a grumble into a positive reaction. Why not have a go and see how you get on?

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