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The time to be happy?

simple pleasures

I saw another one of those posts on Facebook the other day, encouraging us to make the most of life, seize the moment. "Life's so precious ..why waste it on doing things you don't really like doing" ... and so on. Which is all very well if you know you have three months to live. But when you don't know how long you've got before your number's up, it's pretty hard to keep living an ideal life. In fact, I'd say it is exhausting and almost impossible and some of these so-called positive posts are actually putting an unrealistic pressure on us. Let's face it. Some days, life can be a bit pants. You miss the train, you argue with your mate, you can't decide between the healthy but decidedly unappetising salad or the calorie-packed melt-in-your-mouth pastry ... Your job sucks, your kids are driving you mad and Christmas is in less than three weeks (I know, I'm sorry I mentioned it!). So yes, it would be nice to jack it all in and go build a hospital in Namibia for a few months. But wherever you run to, at some point, the constraints and realities of everyday life would reappear. And so it seems that rather than encouraging us to drop everything and LIVE LIFE, we should instead be looking at the life we are already living, and focusing on everything we have that is already great. Taking time to notice our everyday lives and putting a spotlight on the little moments of greatness within the bigger picture of everything else. The satisfaction of a neatly stacked log pile. The smell of mulled wine. A neat pile of washing. Clean sheets. What's the best thing you've done today? And what else? There's no harm in dreaming of change, of 'what if's' and wondering, particularly if you can find a way to integrate some of these dreams into your future. But not at the expense of neglecting everything we have today. The time to be happy is indeed now.

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