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Chasing Ideas

David Grove described himself as a Chaser of Ideas.  Jennifer de Gandt worked extensively with David and many of his ideas were formulated, trialled and honed at La Bouvetière and Jennifer's appartment in Paris.  Keen to honour his memory, Jennifer continues to chase ideas and blends Clean Language with a range of approaches, from Stephen Porges and Deb Dana to Jack Kornfield and Al Pesso.  In this latest iteration of modules, we'll again be turning to Dan Siegel and his Wheel of Awareness and Integration.  Expect some time for personal reflection and connection with others in this small group.

  • 19th February 

  • 5th March 

  • 23rd April


From 10-13h online via zoom

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And we're delighted to be offering sessions where we'll look at the structure of Clean Language, with the opportunity to practice the basic skills with gentle supervision

5 & 12th February from 10 - 13h online via zoom.  Book each module separately using the button above or ... take advantage of our special offer when you book all 5 sessions 


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Purpose is meaning

Purpose is intention

Purpose is my objective

Purpose is contribution

Purpose is doing things that are important to me, that align with my values

Purpose is motivation and cause

Purpose means the action I take in the world

Purpose is making sense of all of this.  It's what it's all about

I don't have a purpose.  Does it matter? Do I need one?

I'm not living a life aligned with purpose.  What's stopping me?

Can purpose change?

One, several, many purposes?

What does purpose mean to you?